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The School of the Enchanted Savannah

Did you know that Victor Doré's children wrote this book which was published?

And did you know that there is still a certain quantity that you can order via the Foundation’s website?

By purchasing this book, you help fund projects and promote the work of children, teachers, stakeholders and parents!


Note: we invite you to contact us in advance to agree on delivery or collection arrangements:


Video The Enchanted Savannah School

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     1 book                     1 book              $15.00                 $14.00
     5 pounds                 6 pounds            $90.00                 $75.00
    10 pounds              12 pounds            $180.00               $150.00
    15 pounds              18 pounds            $270.00               $225.00
    20 pounds              24 pounds            $360.00               $300.00
    25 pounds              30 pounds            $450.00               $375.00

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