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For 36 years, the Everyday Heroes Foundation has supported the Victor-Doré and Joseph-Charbonneau schools in order to provide the students of these schools with the missing boost to enable the purchase of adapted equipment or the monetary support required for the realization special projects.



The Foundation has a great mission, that of providing these students with a unique education that meets their needs and dreams!



Whether you wish to make a donation personally, on behalf of a company or in memory of a loved one, you are now ready to join our ranks as a Hero-Donor.

Mandatory for tax receipt: email and postal address.

Two possibilities: 

1. You organize your fundraising yourself. Contact us to agree on the terms

   charitable receipts.

2. We take care of your “My birthday as a gift” fundraiser.

What should you do if you want us to take care of your “Gift Party”?

• Communicate with us by email providing us with a description and a photo (

• We will create a page in your name on our website.  

• We will send you the link, which you can then share with your contacts.

• People will make donations directly on the foundation's secure site.  

• Donations will be identified in your name.

• Charitable receipts may be issued.

• We will publish the breakdown of your goal of money to be raised on our website.

• For our part, we will also broadcast on our Facebook page. 

Holding Hands

Presentation of the heroes, by Mr. Rémy Girard

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