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Our Past Events

These events constitute a crucial moment to support The Everyday Heroes Foundation.

Give your “Party as a gift”

Two possibilities: 

1. You organize your fundraising yourself. Contact us to agree on the terms of charitable receipts.

2. We take care of your “My birthday as a gift” fundraiser;

What to do if you want us to take care of your “Gift Party”:

• Communicate with us by email providing us with a description and a photo (

• We will create a page in your name on our website.  

• We will send you the link, which you can then share with your contacts.

• People will make donations directly on the foundation's secure site.  

• Donations will be identified in your name.

• Charitable receipts may be issued.

• We will publish the breakdown of your goal of money to be raised on our website.

• For our part, we will also broadcast on our Facebook page. 



Madame Josée Beaulieu offers her 50th birthday as a gift to the children of our foundation.


February 2021, my 50th birthday. I won't be entitled to a nice big surprise party.


My pleasure this year will be to offer my celebration to the Everyday Heroes Foundation which is close to my heart.


If you want to contribute to ensuring that our disabled students can experience great projects that will help them develop their potential in several areas of their lives, I invite you to make a donation via this link.


With a donation of $20 or more, you will be entitled to a tax receipt. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our young people.

Screen Shot 2023-12-04 at 11.53.16.png


I am Isabelle Savard.

RESULT: $125.00




I give my birthday as a gift.

I have a goal of $300...

As of today we have $150...

RESULT: $450.00

131662626_3607174572694203_1888796967214 (1).webp


Sale of Isabella and Victor bracelets, from the company N pour nature.


PROFITS $1,040


Sale of a painting by the artist Zaima, granddaughter of Mr. Vincent, founder of our foundation.





IMG_3315 (1).webp


Isabelle Savard and Sylvie Drouin donated $1,645 to the foundation by making masks.
Thanks to kind-hearted people, we succeed in meeting the needs of children.
Thank you ladies and thank you to everyone who purchased their masks!
98130103_3009816352430031_87074929149529 (1).webp
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